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BIT Web Calendar Version 4.5

Revised and supported since 2000, this web calendar system has many features:

New updates with advanced repeating event features

  • Works with Adobe Macromedia Cold Fusion server 4.5 to 9
  • MS SQL Server version available.
  • Prints to pdf from calendar view (Cold Fusion server 7)
  • Add / edit calendar event categories
  • Relate users to categories
  • Filter calendar data by event category
  • Assigns colors to categories using an easy color choosing tool
    Yearly view shows color coded events on a 12 month view calendar
  • Export events to desktop applications
    Sync single events to a iCal file
    Download search results to a .csv file for import to desktop applications
  • Add and edit calendar user groups
    Users can be assigned to groups so events can be made private at a group level
  • Integrates with BIT resource scheduler
    BIT resource scheduler is a separate application that allows easy scheduling of almost any resource type, i.e., conference rooms, laptops, cars, etc. The resource scheduler requires an additional license fee and can used with or without the calendar.
  • Integrates with BIT action item tracking system
    In order to demonstrate this feature a user must login. The action item tracking system will require a small additional license fee and can be operated with or without the calendar.
  • All source code is unencrypted
    This feature makes it easier to fit to the scheme of any web site.
  • Events can be grouped by task type
    If an event is related to a task then it can only be viewed by users that have access to that task.
  • Weekly, monthly and list formatted calendar views available
  • Make events public or private
    If an event is private then only users that are in the related category can see the event.
  • Calendar news feature
    Easily post news for calendar users
    Maintain an archive of past news
  • Each user can have multiple phone numbers listed in the built-in phone book
  • Upload unlimited images for calendar events and calendar news
  • Previous and next-month views on main calendar
  • Easy navigation to add events
  • Set times for each event.
  • Each event displayed in corresponding time blocks in View-Day page.
  • Configure the start and end time options during install
    Controls the user data input screen options
  • Easily add repeating events (weekly or daily)
Uses Microsoft access database
Can be upgraded / imported to SQL Server, MYSQL or other server database applications.
Priced from $39.00

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This application has many features and is a great multi user calendar.

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