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BIT Action Item System

Revised and supported since 2003, this web action item system has many features:

  • Integrates with Benson IT Solutions Web Calendar v3.3 and higher
  • Can be purchased separately or with other BIT applications
  • Add and edit users
  • Add and edit tasks/projects
  • Assign users to tasks/projects
    Users will only see action items that are related to a task they have been assigned to
  • Assign actions by task/project
  • Action items can have the following:
    Lead user, assignee user, status, date assigned, date due, date completed, project/task type, subject, description, upload attachments, sub actions and comments
  • Sub actions can have most of the same attributes as an action.
  • Actions can be related to a previous action item
    Allows look up of a "lessons learned reference" from past actions
  • Search action items by task
  • Search action items by date
  • Search action items by lead user
  • Requires Cold Fusion server 4.5 or higher
  • Easy to fit into current web site's "look and feel"
Uses Microsoft access database
Can be upgraded / imported to SQL Server, MYSQL or other server database applications.


Priced from $39.00

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Admin UserName/Password is : admin/admin
Demo UserName/Password is : demo/demo

One server license FROM only $39

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This action item system is a must have for any intranet.

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