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About Benson IT Solutions, Inc

Benson IT Solutions Inc is a coldfusion development company. Greg Benson is the owner and operator of the company. Benson IT Solutions Inc was formed in 2000 to provide coldfusion consulting services. Our calendar, action item and scheduler products are a great start to many web applications. We can provide consulting to modify these applications to fit your needs, or build a new application from scratch. We have partners that provide support when additional labor is required to complete your project. Since 2000 we have provided consulting for small and large organizations.

Some Consulting Projects are:
    Provides a online learning system for child care providers. Includes message boards, calendars, document sharing and more.
    We did not design the site layout, we only developed the database and interactive pages.
    Based off of our hosted learning management system, this is another web based learning portal.
    Provides a hosted portal system and a downloaded cold fusion survey-exam learning management system.
    We have provided consulting services for for many years. They have several systesm designed to help trainers and consultants for child care. Applications include:
    • Self Study Learning Management System
    • Employee resources lending library
    • Member intranet for document management.
    Our hosted web calendar system. A great product if you need to have a web based calendar online today, but don't have the ability to host one your self.
    We provide consulting for BAESYSTEMS, developing intranets and web based applications used by internal and government customers. These applications range from simple web pages to complex database applciations integrating with Oracle, SQL Server and MS Access databases.

    Some examples of these applications & systems include:
    • Document Sharing
    • Company and Personel Capability tracking
    • Resource tracking and scheduling
    • Configuration management and change control
    • Report generation and tracking

Many organizations, small and large, have purchased and used our web calendar, scheduler, action item system , and or other services
Some of these organizations are:
  • US Fish and Wild Life Service
  • Northrup Grumman
  • Motorola
  • Idaho Power
  • Brinks Home Security
  • BuFord Board of Education
  • Comcast Spotlight
  • Vanderbilt University
  • Bankcard University
  • University of North Carolina at Pembroke
  • Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture
  • National-Louis University
  • Butler Comunity College
  • St Johns School
  • Saint Anthony Catholic School
  • Jupiter Township, FL
  • County of Lehigh, PA
  • Concordia School Of Human Resources
  • Trial Consultants, Inc
  • The River Jordan Project
  • Simmer Entertainment
  • Piedmont Aviaries
  • WR Smith Insurance
  • Cornerstone Bible Fellowship Church
  • First Baptist Church
  • Grace Brethren Church
  • Mill Road Baptist Church of Kingston, Maranatha
  • New Hope Chapel of Plymouth
  • Mt Moriah East Baptist Church
  • New Hope Chapel of Plymouth
  • Paint Branch Unitarian Universalist Church
  • Pentecostal Power Ministries
  • Shoreline Christian Center
  • St. Lukes Episcopal Church - Denison, TX


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