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Web Calendar 4.2
Resource Scheduler
Action Item System v1.0
qBase 1.0
Customer Relations Tracking
Image Verification
Web Calendar 3.3 LITE


ColdFusion Products

Our cold fusion products provide a great start for many web applications. Let us know if you need something different, or need some features added to a existing application.

  • Web Calendar 4.2
    Many features. Multi user calendar, site news and phone book application. All the features of the previous version and more!
  • Resource Scheduler
    Add your own resource types with customizable characteristics and schedule almost anything. Great for conference rooms, computers, cars ....
  • Action Item System v1.0
    Integrates with WebCalendar v4.2, allows for task tracking and action management.
  • qBase 1.0
    Question management / frequently asked question system, available in AJAX and non AJAX formats
  • Customer Relations Tracking
    Manage and track customer comments, sales calls, and schedule call back times.
  • Image Verification
    Write dynamic images to your forms and validate its content on the form action page. Help prevent automated form submissions in your apps!
  • Web Calendar 3.3 LITE
    Simple single user calendar system (LITE Version of Calendar v4.2) based off of our other tested and tried calendar applications. Great if you just need a plain old calendar. Unencrypted COLDFUSION 4.5 + compatible calendar system from only $19.99.

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ColdFusion products

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