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BIT Blocker v 1.0

BIT Blocker v 1.0 features:

Priced from just $29.00

  • Blocks unwanted traffic to your server.
  • Checks the GEO Location Information for a website visitor.
  • Uses the visitors returned country code to see if that country is allowed, or disallowed per your selections.
  • If the country is not allowed, then a windows command is ran on your server to block this visitor's IP address.
    This blocks all ports, not just the web ports.
  • Can be configured to email a administrator when a country is blocked.
  • Administrative screen provides a list of IPs blocked in the last 24 hours, last week, and last two weeks.
  • Administrative screens accessible by most web connected devices.
  • Administrative screens allow you to view active user's IPs, add and delete blocked IPs.
  • Complete list of countries included, so you can add and remove countries to your server's blocked list through the web interface.
  • Comes with MS Access and MS SQL Server databases.
  • Works on Windows Server 2003 and 2008. (May work on Windows server 2012)
  • Works with Adobe Cold fusion server 8, Coldfusion Server 9, and Coldfusion server 10.

The BIT Blocker sripts use Microsoft windows netsh and ipsec commands to block traffic as it hits your server. This works with adobe coldfusion 8 + and Microsoft Windows Server 2003 and Microsoft Windows Server 2008.
After setting up this script, you can block traffic from unwanted locations. View IPS and countries blocked from your wireless device. Block or unblock access by a specific IP, or any IP from a selected country as needed.
Included web based setup scripts create the IPSEC policies, Filters, Filter Actions, and Rules to block unwanted traffic. Web admin screens allow you to preview the latest actions and add and delete them.

All the screens are functional and may result in blocked traffic, so screen shots of the application are available:

Take a look at the screens