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BIT Customer Relations / Contacts v 1.0:

This product is a cold fusion application sold as unencrypted source code for users that have a coldfusion server.


  • Call back calendar
    Set a call back date for customers and have it display on the Call Calendar. Easy way to remember to call your contacts back at the right time.
  • Organization Types
    Add your customer's Organization Types, i.e. Government, Corporate, etc.
  • Organizations
    Add organizations related to the organization type.
  • Custom Fields per Organization Type
    set custom fields for each organization type. 3 text fields and 3 yes/no fields. You can set the labels in the admin section. This provides for a easy way to track custom information related to each organization type.
  • Contact Notes
    Record your notes from each customer contact.
    Use to remember the details of each contact you have with each customer.
  • Custom Phone Types.
    Set your own phone types. i.e. Cell, office, etc
  • Custom Contact Types.
    Set your own contact types I.e. Email, Phone, etc
    this can be used to track comments each time you speak with a person.
  • Custom Colors
    Easily change the colors of the calendar. This can be changed in the calendar and selects from the different included style sheets.
  • Requires Macromedia ColdFusion Server 7

Can be upgraded / imported to SQL Server, MYSQL or other server database applications.

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