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BIT Image Form Verification / Validation

This custom tag uses a coldfusion component to open a .jpg and write some random text to it.

This random text is encrypted in the form and the user has to be able to read the image to get a correct validation on the other end of the form.

Does not require any cfx c++ tag. Runs with the cfc and custom tag to provide easy to use and easy to customize form image verification. This can be added to almost any form to prevent automated form submissions from spammers. spammers suck.:(

This Custom tag does use a cfc written by other authors that have provided the cfc under the free bsd license. Thanks! Credits mentioned in zip file.

Try Form

Enter Validation Image Phrase

The image, input box, and form label
are generated from this custom tag:
  UseRandomTxt="1 or 0" use from a set, or random words.
   ImgMode="1 to display, 0 to validate"
    StartImage="comes with 8 sample backgrounds" 
     FormPhrase="Enter Validation Image Phrase">
Adjust Form  
Random Text :
Back Ground Image :

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Complete list of parameters:
ATTRIBUTES.ImgMode" default="1" 1 for display 2 for validate
ATTRIBUTES.UseRandomTxt default="1" Use random text or from list
ATTRIBUTES.ImgstartPath default="your path to \images\" Image path
ATTRIBUTES.ImgPath default=""
ATTRIBUTES.StartImage default="Blank1.jpg" Start image
ATTRIBUTES.FontPath default="ExpandPath(".")"
ATTRIBUTES.fontName default="comicbd.ttf"
ATTRIBUTES.fontColor default="black"
ATTRIBUTES.fontsize default="25"
ATTRIBUTES.FormPhrase default="Enter the phrase in the box :"
Used in the verification part:
ATTRIBUTES.ImgVer_theimageName default=""
ATTRIBUTES.ImgVer_thehdnword default=""
ATTRIBUTES.ImgVer_PassPhrase default=""
This coldfusion custom tag uses a coldfusion cfc component and requires adobe coldfusion mx.
Great for preventing automated form submissions. Requires a user to read the random text in the image. The text can be set to random letters, or to a random selection of words you set in the custom tag.
Operating Systems: Windows, Linux - and probably all others.
Coldfusion Version 6.1 or higher (may work on 6.0)
Bluedragon Server, JX, or J2EE 6.2 or higher (may work on 6.1)
This will NOT work on Bluedragon.NET, since it relies on java, but does not require extra java classes to be installed if you have adobe coldfusion 6.1 or higher installed.

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