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BIT qBase 2.0 :

This product is a coldfusion application sold unencrypted / open source for users that have a cold fusion server.
This is an easy to use and setup knowledge base, or frequently asked questions system. Adding a easy to manage FAQ system to your web business enables you to build your list of questions and help your customer base find the answers they want.
This is a very easy to use and customizesble start to any FAQ list or knowledge base system. This can easily be added to your product for better customer relations.


  • Includes the image verification tag to stop spam on the site.
  • Maintain a Archive of frequently asked questions.
    Save time answering common questions.
  • Allow your users to search by question key word, or category.
  • Web Users can add questions, and the admin will be sent a email.
    Questions are added, but not open to the public till they are reviewed and approved by a admin.
  • Add / edit questions.
  • Add / edit question categories.
  • UNENCRYPTED SOURCE CODE. Easily make this fit with you current web site "look and feel".
  • Requires cold fusion server. We can host a knowledge base system for you, inquire for pricing details.
  • Uses Access database.

Can be upgraded / imported to SQL Server, MYSQL or other server database applications.

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These ColdFusion products will provide a great start to many applications, we can also provide consulting to customize these to fit different needs.

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